August 30, 2011Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry
Dr. Goldstein
became a Fellow
of the Academy
of General Dentistry
(FAGD). Ceremonies
took place at the
annual academy
meeting in
San Diego, CA.

January 2009
Dr. Goldstein has recently been added to the list of Hu Friedy Thought Leaders. Click here for an informal interview with Dr. Goldstein.

September 2010Dentistry Today
Dr. Goldstein is
featured on the cover
of Dentistry Today,
for his article titled
"Aesthetic Success:
Tissue Management
and Impressions."

December 2008Dentistry Today
Dr. Goldstein has
been named one of
the top 100 Clinicians
in CE in their
December 08 issue
of Dentistry Today,
his fifth consecutive

October 2008Dental Tribune
Dr. Goldstein
is featured in an
interview with
Dental Tribune

(PDF, 250Kb)
before the 149th ADA
Annual Session.

May 2007CareCredit ad
Dr. Goldstein
is featured in an
for CareCredit
that appears in

January 2007
Dr. Goldstein releases the Smile Makeover CD for patient motivation.

November 2006
Dr Goldstein is named as a fellow in the International Academy of Dento-facial Esthetics in New York City at the Greater New York Dental Meeting.

May 2006Dentistry Today cover
Dr. Goldstein
is featured
on the cover of
Dentistry Today
for a story about
digital cameras
used in dentistry.

September 2005
Dentistry Today will begin an active online forum for dentists to talk shop. Dr. Goldstein will moderate the aesthetic dentistry forum.

To log on go to Dentistry Today and sign up. Also available are three years worth of archived articles. They've worked very hard to make this site useful to the profession.

July 2004
The Richards Report Tape and CD series will feature an interview between Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Rich Madow covering Dr. Goldstein's Dentistry Today article, "Rapid Fire Posterior Composites: Taking Advantage of Nano-Technology." See the images relating to that article.

June 15, 2004
The new website goes live.


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